Where To Buy Quality CBD

Where Can You Buy CBD Products?

If you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you can buy CBD products in pot shops if you are over 21 and have a valid ID. If you live in a state with medical cannabis, check your local laws about the requirements of getting a medical card. Each states requirements will be different, but you need to get a note from a doctor.

If you don't live in a legal cannabis state, you can still purchase purchase hemp-derived CBD online. Companies will ship CBD tinctures, capsules, and other products directly to your door. You are not required to have a medical card because they contain less than .03% THC, which is the federally mandated limit. Keep in mind that even hemp derived CBD still contain trace amounts of THC. If you think you might take a drug test in the future, CBD products can cause a positive drug test.

What are reputable sources of Hemp- Derived CBD?

Buying hemp CBD online can be overwhelming, there are so many choices. While working in the legal cannabis industry and talking to people thought the US, you really see how so many people don't know about these products. We've all been told all our lives that weed is bad, but now here people are opening up to the idea

products from a reliable source. Due to the grey area CBD laws, there is little regulation in the hemp CBD industry.

The hemp-derived CBD market is still massively unregulated, so the products are hit and miss. CBD is very expensive when purchased in recreational shops, so your best bet may be online hemp CBD. It's a recently booming market, so keep in mind a few things when you want to try a company. Make sure they post test results from a third party. This ensures 

The FDA has recently cracked down on companies for making claims about CBD's health benefits. We have yet to know the true medical benefits of CBD because it is restricted to research under federal law. The more people know about CBD, the more we can push for legislation that opens 

When purchasing hemp CBD online, make sure the company you are buying from has test results listed on their website. This way you can know there is actually as much CBD in the product as they say there is. 

What CBD Products are Available?

There are a number of different products available, and each company will have different variations.

  • Tinctures- One of the most popular forms of CBD. Tinctures can have a number of different bases (oil, 

  • Capsules- Capsules can either be dry or gel

  • Isolate- Isolate is a very concentrated and pure form of CBD. It is typically one of the cheapest ways to purchase CBD. It comes in a jar and is white crystal powder. Most people use isolate for dabbing. If you don't have a dab rig, and just want to use the isolate, you can dissolve it into a carrier oil. You can ingest the oil or apply it directly to the skin.

  • Salves- Salves can be applied topically to help soothe sore muscles.

  • Edibles- These are a tricky one.

  • Flower- CBD flower (bud) is anywhere from trace amounts to about 28% CBD. There are a few strains, like Sour Tsunami, that contain only trace amounts of THC but are high in CBD. Many high CBD cannabis strains still contain a decent amount of CBD. These can be purchased at recreational or medical shop.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

This can be a tricky question, and there really is no one answer. Everyone's body chemistry is different, and everyone will react differently. If you take a small amount of CBD (5mg), you most likely won't feel anything. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and will not give you the same high associated with THC. By comparison, a 5mg of a THC edible will often result in getting stoned for someone new to pot. 

What Dose of CBD Should You Start With?

This is another difficult question to answer. Doses vary greatly person to person. Typically starting with a small dose is 10-25mg. If you are sensitive to cannabis or stimulants, you may want to start with less. You can always take more if you need. If you are taking CBD for a serious illness, consult your doctor to learn what dose is right for you. A reliable company will never tell you that their products can cure or treat any diseases.

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