Tonic Hemp-Derived CBD Review

May 27, 2018

Tonic Hemp-Derived CBD Oil & Topical Overview

I received three hemp-derived products from Tonic CBD, and I have to say I'm very impressed with their quality and overall effects.  Tonic CBD is made from hemp flowers grown in Colorado, and their products are totally THC-free. Tonic specializes in making tinctures that contain additional herbs, other than hemp, to increase the relaxing benefits of the CBD. They currently only make topicals and tincture, but they have a few different kinds of each! Their products are very professional looking. The quality of their product matched their aesthetic well.


Tonic's Products

What sets Tonic apart from other CBD companies is their creative use of herbs blended into their CBD products. I tried Chill tincture, OG tincture, and Chronic Tonic roll on topical. Chill has ashwaganda, lemon balm, and passion flower, which are all herbs that have natural relaxing properties. Chill comes in two sizes, and is a great product to use when you need to wind down after a long day. Their OG blend only contains ashwaganda and black seed oil, so it's a more general-use CBD oil. The taste and effects  of both tinctures were pretty similar, except chill made me a little more sleepy. The Chronic topical was cooling and left my skin feeling pleasantly tingly! Everything smelled and tasted good, which is always a plus. 



Tonic's prices are definitely reasonable for the quality of their products. Unlike some companies which produce products JUST for the CBD, Tonic goes the extra mile to add additional herbs to make them more relaxing. Overall I would say their products are worth the price, especially if you are using it for general purposes and don't need to take large daily doses. 



Tonic is definitely one of the best tasting CBD products I've tried so far. They add maple extract to their CBD tinctures, so they have a pleasantly sweet taste. The herbs add a nice earthy taste without being overpowering. The herbs they've used are to increase the relaxing benefits of CBD, to add a little extra chill to the experience. 


I'd Recommend It!

I would definitely recommend this company to other people. I think it's an especially good product for anyone who is curious or already familiar about herbs. They do cost just slightly more than some other "pure" CBD brands, but the taste and herbs do make it a special product. This would be a great product for beginners or for the CBD connisuer, their products are very approachable and effective.

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