CBD Product Review: Receptra Naturals

April 3, 2018

Receptra Naturals


Receptra's product selection is simple, and easy to use if you're new to CBD. Receptra specializes mainly in tinctures, but they carry pet and a few topical products as well. Receptra third-party test all of their products, which are shown in a very-user friendly way. Their product line is small, but it's easy to select products because you won't be overwhelmed by complicated choices.



The health and wellness extracts comes in two sizes: 20mg and 40mg per dropper full. These are great products if you’re new to CBD, because they are straightforward and easy to use. All Receptra tinctures are organic natural berry flavor. The only difference between their Prime and Plus extracts is their concentration. Both varieties come in a few different sizes, so you can simply purchase what fits your needs.





Receptra’s active lifestyle extracts come in three concentrations: 15mg, 30mg, and 60mg. The active lifestyle extracts are also flavored with organic berry flavors, which can make taking dropper-fulls of oil based tinctures more pleasant. Active, Elite, and Pro all have at least two size options depending on how much you want to buy. These tinctures also have a small amount of turmeric extract to boost the overall effects of the tincture. These tinctures are pretty standard as far as price, and are effective tinctures.





Receptra offers three different topical products: body butter, targeted topical, and lip balm. The body butter contains 400mg of CBD in 4oz, while the targeted topical contains about 400mg of CBD per 1oz. The body butter is much less concentrated, and you will likely only notice a very mild effect during use. This product is more designed to use on your entire body, to perhaps relieve some minor aches and pains. The targeted topical will be more of a salve that can be used on specific areas of the body that require attention. You will maybe notice more release on a specific area than with the body butter. It is never recommended to use CBD topicals on open wounds or burns, since other ingredients may cause more irritation. Topicals are best used on clean, unbroken skin!



Receptra offers one pet tincture containing 500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. This is a fairly standard pet tincture that contains ingredients that will be gentle on your pet’s digestive system.



Overall Receptra Naturals can be a great company for those who are new to CBD. Their product selection is small and very straightforward. The only thing you have to figure out with Receptra’s products is the concentration of your tincture. Unlike other companies that carry dozens of products, this can take much of the guesswork out of selecting your product. If you don’t mind a flavored tincture, these can be a great place for you to start!


Image Credit: ©Receptra Naturals

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