CBD Product Reviews: CBDistillery

April 3, 2018


is a Colorado-based hemp-derived CBD extraction company that makes a variety of products at fairly reasonable prices. They specialize in isolate, vapes products, and tinctures, but they also carry a topical and capsules. They test all of their products, and have their test results available to customers. Their products seem a little more geared toward the CBD connoisseur, but they carry a few products that can be a good starting point if you're new to CBD.  




CBDistillery's tinctures start at $20-$30 for 25omg of CBD, and go up to $240-$260 for 5,000mg of CBD. All their hemp oils are full spectrum, so they contain a variety of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. All of their high potency tinctures (1,000mg+) are highly concentrated, so make sure you are taking the right dose to fit your needs. For example, the 5,000mg tincture is going to contain approximately 165mg of CBD per ml/dropper full. If you are new to taking CBD tinctures, opt for the smaller bottles for easier dosage. 



CBDistillery has one of the best selection of CBD vapes online that I've seen. They offer both one-time use vapes, and cartridges that fit on standard 5-10 thread batteries. Customers can choose between cannabis-strain flavors, and fruity flavors. Note that the cannabis-strain vapes do not contain any pot in them, they are flavored with terpenes extracted from strains. Their flavors are made from terpenes derived from fruit. Their cartridges range from $25-$35 for a 200mg cartridge, which is a pretty good price for well-made vape cartridges. You can also buy packs of cartridges to test out different flavors, which is an added bonus! These can be great products to get acquainted with vapes, because they are easy to use and not a huge investment. 



CBDistillery's isolate products are divided into two categories: powder and slab. These are essentially the same product, the texture will just be different. Isolate powder can be easily dissolved into a variety of carrier oils, and used to make edibles or topicals. Slabs are better for dabbing, because it's solid and easier to handle. Isolate is a product that is ideal for individuals who are highly sensitive to THC, and need something as low in THC as possible. As with all hemp-derived CBD products, there still may be very trace amounts of THC in your isolate. Isolate can be tricky for a first-time CBD user, so unless you feel comfortable mixing your isolate into carrier oil, you should opt for capsules or tinctures. 



These products are really only designed for dabbing. Wax is a type of concentrate, that can be dabbed for a quick CBD dose. Dabs are fast acting, but require special tools that can be costly. Terpene-infused isolate is also typically used for dabbing. Like their vape products, they use terpenes derived from plants to give the isolate a nice taste. It wouldn't be necessary to use terpene-infused isolate for making your own products. The terpenes are simply added for flavor, and won't give any added boost to the CBD. These are more "recreational" products, and are only recommended if you're an experienced dab-daddy.




CBDistillery has two topical products available, each containing 500mg of CBD. This can be used for someone who has sore muscles, or needs a bit of pain relief. 





The selection of capsules is fairly standard, you can purchase gel capsules or powder capsules in a few different sizes. Capsules are a very easy way to control your dose, and they are completely tasteless. Some people find that tinctures are faster acting than capsules, but capsules are extremely easy to use and require no guess work for dosage. Capsules can be a good place to start, as they come in clearly defined doses. Softgels may be slightly faster-acting than powder capsules, but there isn't much evidence to back this claim up. It all will depend on your personal preference!



In addition to the products described above, CBDistillery carries a pet tincture, and suppositories. CBD for pets has exploded in the past couple years as a way to help calm nervous pets, or to help pets manage pain. I have not tried suppositories for myself, but there are rumors they are a way to quickly absorb CBD into the body. A few people have reviewed them on CBDistillery's website, and they seem to think they really work. It all depends on what you feel is the easiest way to get your dosage of CBD!


Overall CBDistillery's prices are very fair, and they offer a wide selection of products for both newcomers and seasoned aficionado. They have a lot of positive reviews, and offer good customer service. Try them for yourself and see what CBD has to offer you!



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